How we design a website

A plan is the method used to obtain specific results, while without a plan is like constructing a building without blueprints. Planning your website ahead of time will give it clear direction as well as prevent missed deadlines and backtracking. A well planned website can be completed in a shorter period of time, will cost less, and that bring you a greater return on investment.

Planning out a website can start as simply as writing down a bulleted list of the types of pages and information you want to include in your site. For your convenience and our work productivity, we deliver according to the website plan agreed by both you and us. For special events or important project, a contract is meant to protect all parties involved, we can make a contract between us to fulfill our common mission.

Our Procedure


Consultation, A Written Plan


Pay Nothing Upfront

Plan for success so first step is write a website plan by both you and us. Then we will start a initial design. If you basically accept our preliminary design, a prepaid fee is required with any project before work will be carried out. If you are not satisfied with our initial design, you don't own us a penny and the work will be terminated.


Web Development and Testing


Payment and Refund

Base on the website plan, the customer is obliged to pay the balance after the test. Due to unpaid and overdue invoices website may be suspended. On the other hand, we will refund your deposit in full in five working days if we cannot complete the website plan we've planned. As a policy, we do not promise anything that we cannot deliver.


Five-Year Guarantee

We offer a reliable after-sale service and 99.9% uptime warranty on all our customers. Furthermore we give our loyalty customer a Five-Year Warranty if website hosted by us. We focus on offering you a long term commitment and help you drive your business forward.


Ongoing Support - available on request