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China - a fountain of opportunities, and has the largest number of Internet users. To increase the awareness of your name, you have to understand local business culture, realize the market trend and gain the trust from consumers. There has never been a better time to build a Chinese website to support your business.

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China - a fountain of oppormarket trend and gain the trust from consumers. There has never been a better time to build a Chinese website to support your business.

Building a Chinese website is not merely a translation work, but a culture communication by a copywriter. It is not a work that can be done simply by a translation company or a non-native translator. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a wide range of Chinese website design.

We help you promote your business in the world's fastest growing consumer market and reach more than one billion potential customers. The website will help you to promote your products for such a large consumer marketplace. Doing Internet marketing in China and get listings in Chinese search engines (China SEO) is quite a challenge - but offers great changes. Given that you do things right, which is mainly about thinking local and satisfying the needs of Chinese Internet users. Local partners can assist you with your marketing activities and help you create good marketing ROI and satisfying business results.

Good website design that meets the Chinese eyes is equally important. Habits and visuals in China differ heavily from those in your country.

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If you are serious about targeting Chinese Internet users, having your website hosted inside the 'Great Firewall of China' is essential. Avoid the potential pitfalls of maintaining a Chinese website with successful SEO in Chinese and make sure you remain fully accessible to potential customers. Money spent on Chinese search engine optimization and Chinese website design can be wasted if your website hosting is not set up correctly.

Therefore, a professional and appropriate marketing management is necessary to enhance your success possibilities.

Recent changes to Chinese legislation mean that new .cn domain names are not currently available for registration by non-Chinese companies or individuals. As a company with a legal presence in China, Backbone are able to secure Chinese domain names on our customers' behalf. For further details on .cn domains please contact our team.

We will integrate a variety of media you provided into the project. Based on the scale of sites, website development generally takes several days to several weeks.

All of our sites will be tested to ensure that the site compatibility. After the site has been tested, the remaining balance will be paid before we launch your website.

Your business should always be open to change so you can stay ahead of your competitors. We can provide a comprehensive range of maintenance and ongoing support.